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Communicating Around Climate Change
Feb 19, 2020

Canadian climate scientist and evangelical Christian Katharine Hayoe has been recognized as an effective communicator when it comes to climate change, especially when engaging those who are religiously conservative. For her, effective communication begins with connecting and identifying shared values, and ends with talking about solutions that are practical and viable. 

Katharine Hayhoe is a professor at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX. She shared what she's learned about communicating about this polarizing subject—and what we might learn from her experience for communicating about controversial issues in our own environments.

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Building a Life as a Christian Writer
Jan 20, 2020

Lots of people want to write and be published. But how do you do that and maintain it over the long run? Craft, Cost, Call: How to Build a Life as a Christian Writer is a new book by Patricia Paddey and Karen Stiller that offers tips, insights and direction for building a strong and stable writing life today, and also glimpses into the personal writing and editing experiences — sometimes painful — of two seasoned writers and editors.

Karen and Patricia talked with participants about our writing and editing lives, what feeds and nourishes our own work, and how we can work even better with the writers and editors with whom we sometimes work.

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Canadian newspapers present and future
Nov 20, 2019

It's a challenging time for newspapers today. One person who knows it better than most is Bob Cox, publisher of the Winnipeg Free Press and chair of the News Media Canada. "At no time in our history have we faced a more uncertain future," says Bob Cox. "The business troubles of local news outlets are real. We have seen revenues drop as digital technology has changed the way and advertisers reach consumers and changed the way people get information." But all is not lost, as Bob explained at our second monthly webinar.

He shared about the challenges facing newspapers, the status of government action to support newspapers (and allow them to accept charitable donations), and where he sees bright spots on the horizon. He even brought us up to date on a project to increase religion coverage at the Free Press!

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Learning from changes at Broadview magazine
Oct 24, 2019

At the CCCA's first webinar we heard from Jocelyn Bell, editor of Broadview (formerly the United Church Observer), North America's oldest continuously published magazine. This year it underwent a major makeover with a new name, format and focus on spirituality, social justice and ethical living. She'll talk about the dramatic change, how they did it, the challenges and risks they faced, the response from readers and hopes for the future. Bring your lunch and your curiosity (there will be time for Q&A)! For a quick review of the magazine, watch this video.

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