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The Associated Church Press (hereafter ACP) seeks proposals from qualified individuals and firms for the provision of executive director services to our professional organization. We are seeking to establish a contract on an annual basis, to begin no later than September 1, 2024.

Timeline RFP open for submission: June 15, 2024
Proposal submission deadline July 15, 2024
Search committee review and interviews: August 7, 2024
Board consideration, approval, and new contract August 21, 2024
New executive director or administrative firm announced August 28, 2024

Primary contact: Cynthia Martens,

The ACP board will examine submitted proposals and will award a contract to the individual or firm whose proposal is determined to be most closely aligned to ACP's needs considering the factors set forth in this RFP. The initial contract resulting from the RFP will be effective after approval by the ACP board, with annual renewal contingent upon contractual requirements being satisfied based on an end-of-year review by ACP officers. ACP will determine when it will be appropriate to issue a new RFP for management services or to renew for a successive contract.

Download the attachment below for more details: