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Caesarea, Israel - Recognize anyone?

A picture is worth 1,000 words - may just not be enough when it comes to a visit to the Holy Land. Back in 2013 the CCP as it was then called, was invited by the Israel Ministry of Tourism ‘IMOT’ on a unique "Journey of Faith and Discoveries."

Some experienced lifechanging and equipping moments standing at the many places where events in the Bible took place, or those places where Jesus lived and inspired, ministered and taught, performed wonderous miracles, lived, died and rose again.  

The Israel Ministry of Tourism is planning such a journey once again in 2022, exclusive to CCCA member media outlets, including editors or key staff or assigned journalists representing each of your very distinctive audiences that are denominationally specific.

Possible travel dates:

May 8 - May 15 2022
September 4 - September 11 2022

Previously - airfare, accommodations, two meals daily, professional guide, ground transport and comprehensive itinerary was all covered by IMOT.  

To express interest if such a trip happens please contact:

Jerry Adler|  Deputy Director for Canada Director, PR + Communications
Israel Ministry of Tourism
Tel. 416.964.3784 ext. 24