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Winners from last year's CCCA Awards will give some background on their winning entry focused loosely around what our peers can learn from it. Winners should also be willing to take a few questions from the audience. Featuring:

Catherine Crivici of Canada Lutheran

  • Photo Essay, “A Warm Saskatchewan Welcome.” Designer: Catherine Crivici

Carol Moskot of Broadview

  • Feature Layout & Design, “The View From The Top.” Designer: Carol Moskot
  • Feature Photo, “Sean Cribbin.” Photographer: Nick Wong. Designer Carol Moskot
  • Original Artwork, “Church in a Pandemic.” Artist: Steve Scott. Designer Carol Moskot

Ross Muir of Canadian Mennonite

  • Front Cover, “Open To Us A Door.” Designer: Ross W. Muir. Photographer: Jane Grunau 
  • Feature Layout & Design, “Open To Us A Door.” Designer: R.W. Muir. Photographer: J. Grunau 

Janice Van Eck of Faith Today

Inca Siojo of B.C. Catholic

  • Feature Layout & Design, “End of Mission.” Designer Inca Siojo. Editor Paul Schratz

Jason Antonio, Amy Bunce and Julie Abell-Smith of The Saskatchewan Anglican

  • News Photo, “Which Way to the King of Kings?” Photographers: Amy Bunce & Julie Abell-Smith. Designer: Jason Antonio
  • Photo Essay, “Caring Neighbours Help Clean Up After Plow Wind Hits.” Designer: Jason Antonio 

The Zoom URL will be emailed to CCCA members and colleagues, who can feel free to share privately (not on social media). Non-members are entirely welcome and should contact us to request the Zoom link details.