We, the members … affirm that in the practice of our craft, we seek at all times to follow in the footsteps of Christ. As part of the Christian community, we strive for wholesome relationships among members. As Christian professionals, we strive toward ever-higher achievement in our discipline as we champion the Good News.

Inter-Church Press Relations

  1. Belonging to the … Association requires co-operation, sharing, mutual respect and caring, and therefore we seek a balance in communicating Christian differences and similarities.
  2. We will keep open lines of communication to work to further our common concerns and aspirations. However, we recognize that dissension without acrimony or ridicule is legitimate and positive.
  3. While controversy does and will remain in some areas, we shall continue to present opposing views honestly, accurately and in the most charitable understanding of the dictum, ‘fair comment.’


  1. We strive for accuracy, fairness and objectivity in research, reporting, editing and headlines, and for objectivity within its conscientious limits.
  2. We seek to avoid generalizations which confuse and alienate rather than enlighten.
  3. We obtain permission before republishing stories, articles, pictures, audio and video, give proper and appropriate credit and pay promptly any fees agreed upon. We strive to pay our creditors promptly even in the face of economic trouble.
  4. We are committed to responsible scheduling of publication dates, hours and associated responsibilities and rights. We also recognize the necessity of high standards in the maintenance of records, files and mailing and subscription procedures.
  5. We strive for continued improvement in the technical quality and content of our publications, in their visual appearance, and in our own journalistic qualifications and capabilities.
  6. Our standards for advertising are necessarily distinct from those of the secular media. We accept this and reassert our commitment to evaluate all ads by Christian professional standards. Our dealings with ad agencies and individual advertisers must continue to be responsible, open and prompt.

Adopted at the annual meeting held April 29, 1981.