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Winners from last year's CCCA Awards will give some background on their winning entry focused loosely around what our peers can learn from it. Winners should also be willing to take a few questions from the audience. Featuring:

Feature – Newspaper, First Place: After the Abuse (in Christian Courier) author: Roland De Vries, editor: Angela Reitsma Bick

Opinion Piece, First Place: What I Need From White People (in Broadview) author: Adele Halliday, editor: Jocelyn Bell 

Column – Newspaper, First Place: Author: Lloyd Rang (in Christian Courier): A Tale of Two Runners, The Upside of COVID-19 and The Great Frost of 2020, editor: Angela Reitsma Bick

Personal Experience First Person Account, First Place: Next of Kin (in Broadview) author: Trisha Elliott, editor: Jocelyn Bell

Biblical/Theological Reflection, First Place: How Then Shall We Age? (in Faith Today) author: Maxine Hancock, editors: Bill Fledderus and Karen Stiller

From the Editor, First Place: A Long Lent (in The Canadian Lutheran) author: Mathew Block

Feature Series, First Place: Small Miracles series (in Broadview) by multiple authors including Adele Halliday (Rooted in Ritual). Editor: Jocelyn Bell

Student Award, First Place: Christian Schools Take Diverse Approaches (in Faith Today) author: Caleb Burney, editor: Bill Fledderus

The Zoom URL will be emailed to CCCA members and colleagues, who can feel free to share privately (not on social media). Non-members are entirely welcome and should contact us to request the Zoom link details.